Affinity to Infinity

By: Gary J. Nix | Reading Time: 2 min

Brands love loyalty. Who doesn't? Who doesn't want someone to continually come back to them without even having to ask? Answers to rhetorical questions notwithstanding, there is an important step that needs to be reached first and it lives inside of a word most of us have heard but may not thoroughly understand: affinity.

Affinity is defined in as a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea, etc. Thus, when we come to this realization, it is only natural that we conclude it is necessary to arrive at this phase in order to ultimately secure someone's time and energy. However, there is one more thing that we must remember when in regards to the power of this type of like.

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Amazing GIF courtesy of

Liking is not only about getting a person to do it once and you're done. Brands must continually create content, product, service, value, experience that gives its consumers multiple reasons to like them. And that is perfectly fine.

Being a brand is about constantly and consistently displaying and providing benefit(s) for its consumers. If you are doing things to make consumers happy -- quality product, answering questions, acknowledging consumer comments, engaging in conversations, etc. -- you are already in a state of perpetually providing good will and sentiment. These actions are an integral part of your company's job and, more importantly, your objective to growing revenue.

Wow! Maybe a like does mean something in this day and time.