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5 Reasons Brands MUST View Consumers as Relationships

One of the most important elements of BRANDarchy is the brand/consumer relationship. This link, when cultivated properly, is critical to acquiring that which each and every company wants: long-term, return customers. Couple this with the fact that consumers now recognize and realize the power they hold, especially because of social media and technology (a subject we will discuss in detail at a later time), businesses must consider where they fit in this relationship for business sake. Thus, while many of us have knowledge of this fact anecdotally, let's look at some statistics from the good folks at Social Media Link to support the points listed forthwith.

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The 10 [Creative] Brief Commandments

A common theme you will see on this blog is clarity in communication. Between a brand and the consumer such clarity could very well represent the difference between gaining a customer and a person losing interest. Thus for people like me and you who provide a B2B service and brands are the consumers we convert into customers, such clarity is extremely important for us to do our job effectively. A common way to express what needs to be done in our walk of life is the creative brief. And although I could excitedly start a discussion on briefs from companies such as Nike and Apple, because this method of communication is so important, I feel it is better and helpful to point out the 10 elements, or commandments or, even better, demandments that make a creative brief more clear.

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